Is the party over in Mallorca and Ibiza?

Crackdown on excessive drinking in the Balearics

News of a crackdown on excessive drinking in some areas of the Balearic Islands is great news for the vast majority of holidaymakers to both Mallorca and Ibiza.

After years of talks, the authorities have finally set down strict rules regarding the sale and availability of alcohol in the hedonistic hotspots of Magaluf and Arenal on Mallorca and in St Antonio on Ibiza.

The reputation of these three resorts far precedes them – known for their pub crawls, party boats, and unlimited drinking. In turn, news headlines scream of rowdy, uncouth, volatile and ‘messy’ behaviour and sadly of the consequent deaths that such excessive drinking leads to.

While being largely restricted to these areas, sadly this reputation often taints opinions of the whole island. For anyone who’s familiar with Mallorca, they’ll know that the charming mountain villages of Soller, Valldemsosa and Deia are a far cry from the beer-soaked dance floors of Magaluf. Likewise, in Ibiza, the white-washed villages of Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, Es Cubells and San Carlos couldn’t be further removed from the legendary ‘entertainment’ in St Antonio.

Not wanting to sound like a party pooper – we all need to let our hair down once in a while, particularly on holiday – but when people’s lives are in danger and the unsociable behaviour of the few affects the enjoyment of many, then something has to be done.

Finally, the islands’ authorities have laid down some new house rules – many will say the crackdown is a long time coming. 

The quieter side of Mallorca

So what exactly are the rules?

  • Organised bar crawls and excursions promoting excessive consumption of alcohol are prohibited.
  • Fixed priced bar promotions offering unlimited alcohol are banned – these will include happy hours, 2-for-1 and pub crawls.
  • No new licences will be issued for party boats that attract clientele intent on excessive drinking.
  • Self-service dispensers and shops that sell alcohol can open only between 8am and 9.30pm.
  • Penalties for organisations that flout the laws include fines of up to £500,000 and suspension of activity for up to three years.
  • In addition, the practice of jumping between balconies is strictly prohibited across the Balearic Islands. Holidaymakers who do so will be expelled immediately and legal action will be taken.
Chill time

How will this affect holidaymakers?

The party isn’t over by any manner of means. In fact, some may say that the party just got better. For those holidaymakers who would normally give the likes of Magaluf or St Antonio a wide berth, perhaps now they will feel less intimidated from doing so.  

As the authorities say: “The law aims to create a more sustainable and respectful tourism model, in terms of the environment, the quality of life for residents and the visitor experience.”

For those holidaymakers who have already signed up for an all-inclusive hotel deal then fear not. If tour operators have already signed contracts for all-inclusive deals with hotels prior to the announcement of these new laws, they will be allowed to continue. 

For more information and to book your next holiday to Mallorca or Ibiza, get in touch with your Personal Travel Consultant today. 

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